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Oakstree | February 27, 2020

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11 Type of People Who Benefit From The Unforgiving Scorch Of Summers

11 Type of People Who Benefit From The Unforgiving Scorch Of Summers
Aman Khandelwal

With the mercury rising and breaking out of their glass cases, most of the India has already started cussing at their beloved Surya Devta but why do we have to be such pessimists all the time, to consider the fact there is a whole set of people who look at the brighter side of summers.


1. Women
The perfect opportunity to let loose after hiding under all those layers for months.


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2. Men
With all those resplendent women around, why would any man be unhappy.


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3. Home Appliance Manufacturers
Happy time for Refrigerators and Air Conditioners.


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4. Cola Giants
And the shiny new refrigerator is thus stacked up with ample supplies of cola.


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5. Cooler Industry of India
Gust of cool breeze for you and their lives.


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6. Lemon Soda Guy
Lemon and ice with sugar, salt and everything nice.



7. Ice Cream Manufacturers
What becomes of us without that heavenly scoop of ice-cream in summers.


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8. Inverter People
When power cuts are a pain in your rear, do not worry, the inverter guys are here.


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9. Chuski Guy
The very sight of this humble creature induces stars in your eyes and too much of saliva in your mouth.


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10. Beer Manufacturers
Just another reason for getting drunk.


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11. Jaadu
This little guy apparently needs it the most.


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