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Oakstree | February 27, 2020

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These Are 6 Most Annoying Type Of Drivers You Will Find On Indian Roads

These Are 6 Most Annoying Type Of Drivers You Will Find On Indian Roads
Aman Khandelwal

1. The Juggler

From outside they look like someone who has shit his pants down and finding it way too disgusting to sit on his ass – but inside that person might just be multitasking. Texting in one hand, holding a cigarette in the other hand, adjusting the radio with the foot and staring the hot chick standing by the side of the road – and of course, driving.juggler

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2. The socialist

For others they might be irritating. But they are the coolest drivers in the world, who don’t give a fuck what’s happening around them. They see a familiar face on the HIGHWAY, and the next thing they do is decide to pull over for a quick chat of some sort.


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3. The Brake-o-maniacs

No matter if they have someone driving in front of them or not – this kind of people are born to brake. As you crawl behind one such driver on a six lane highway – fighting to hit 50 kmph – you will wonder what the heck is making this guy go so slow.


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4. Speed Racers

And then there are these speed racers who don’t give a fuck about things like other cars, honking horns, traffic signal or even the holy Cow sitting in the centre of the road. These drivers take a sick sort of pride in accelerating their car for no good reason.


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5. Those airhead, blockhead, dimwit dumb drivers

Women drivers are like a free virus being spread by some vicious minded group of people to set destruction on roads. This SET OF DRIVERS turns their cars haphazardly, shifting lanes back and forth with instant acceleration or braking – as per their mood. For some reason, they behave as free as a leaf in the wind.


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6. Disc Jockeys

These drivers bump their speakers so loud that it shatters the windows of each car that’s in the radius of 1 kilometre. They moreover, would go with their windows open on a hot summer day just to show off how loud that stupid thing they are sitting in can fart!


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