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Oakstree | February 20, 2018

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10 Most Funny English Fails You Can Only Find In India

Aman Khandelwal

1. Only

Indians get overwhelmed with the idea of using Only at the end of every sentence. It makes every sentence so easy, so complete in itself, right? ‘I am here only’… ‘We are always having fun like that only’… you can just keep going.


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2. My Brother is in foreign, so we are going to foreign next month.

Foreign is an adjective, you cannot use it as a noun. Stop changing the rules. Every time I hear someone saying this I am like:


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3. Real-brother/Real-Sister. 

If you too say phrases like real-brother or cousin-sister you seriously need to join English speaking classes or maybe hire a translator. Because…


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4. Myself XYZ


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5. What is your good name? 

Good name? Seriously? Could someone possibly be having a ‘bad name’ as well? Stop using literal translations from Hindi to English.


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6. Please Revert back

We often come across the term “Revert Back” or “Kindly Revert Back” and it is absolutely incorrect. Revert and back have the same meaning.


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7. Please do the needful

Yes, please do the needful and stop speaking your own standard Indian English. Though in our head ‘do the needful’ means ‘do what is necessary or required’, but grammatically it is incorrect and makes no sense for non-Indian English speakers.


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8. It is like… like… like like like 

Indians use ‘like’ as a supporting word to help fill the time gap while their brain struggles to complete the sentence.


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9. My head is PAINING

No, it can’t. Your head – or foot – or throat, gets sour. They don’t pain.


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10. The sense of using conjunctions, definite/indefinite articles or anything else that has to do with English grammar. 


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