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Oakstree | August 19, 2018

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9 Things You Treasure As A Single Man Living In The City

9 Things You Treasure As A Single Man Living In The City
Aman Khandelwal

Bachelors are like the free souls of a city, they fuel the metropolitans with the undying and flaring passion they possess, the unsung heroes of an economic success story, millions of them working right now and pulling the nation forward as we speak but this particular breed live in their own universe which is totally different from the people who have families, this is that phase where freedom has broken all your balls and chains and each of you is a bad ass in your own mind and these things help and hold peculiar importance in the life you lead.


1. Bread and Maggi
Well, this had to be first on the list.


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2. Your mobility partner
Be it your Avon Cycle, Chetak Scooter or that big-ass SUV , a man’s ride is his first love.


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3. That last cigarette you had to share with your roommate
When less is more.


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4. Speakers
2.1, 5.1, 7.1 , the series of infinite happiness.


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5. Eggs
Life-saver of the impoverished and famished.


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6. Your Guitar
That turned into a feasting ground for termites.


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7. Loose Change
That you kept grappling for in the last week of the month.


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8. Text messages from your bank on salary day
And you could finally eat that multi-layered burger you were craving for since last week.


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9. That seraphim of a roommate
Who always agreed to temporary re-locate himself whenever your girlfriend came to visit.


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