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Oakstree | August 19, 2018

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Interaction to World Through Internet

Interaction to World Through Internet

| On 28, Jan 2018

There was a time when we were required to be near each other to interact and know about the day to day happenings in each others life’s. Then came internet, which removed every possible barrier of distance between individuals. Internet helped people stay in touch with people that matter.

I was in class 10 when I came across WhatsApp for the first time. Before that I just got to talk to my friends when we meet in school everyday. If there was anything that I wanted to inform my friend(s) of, then the only option I had was to wait for the next day. It made communication easier for me.

Before internet became popular, people didn’t got to know what I do during holidays, or where I have been. Now, every incident that happens, directly or indirectly comes in knowledge of every one who is on the friend/follower list on social media platforms.

The interaction happens in various ways. Like status updates in which one can write anything and just post it on there wall/page of the social media platform. The status is shown to everyone on the social media platform who has shown interest in following my activities. The other way of doing it is posting of images, videos in which I just need to use my mobile camera, click a picture or record a video and just send it to the social network platform. Everyone in this way gets a better view of the happenings. Latest development among these techniques is that of going live. In it I can let people around the world know what am I doing by broadcasting myself over the internet. The interaction is realtime and people can also have a sneak peak of what I am exploring by the live telecast.

Though I don’t post much of stuff on social media, still I like these developments. As it makes easier to pass something to a number of people in one shot. Like if I want to share a personal experience about a thing or review something and let others know about it, I can do it with internet. Not only this, I can get to know about my friends, like what they are doing or where in world are they. Anything that share comes to me and I can give my feedback to them by liking or commenting on there stuff.

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