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Oakstree | August 19, 2018

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Papa Kehte The: 9 Things Your Father Used To Tell You That You’ve Now Realized To Be True

Papa Kehte The: 9 Things Your Father Used To Tell You That You’ve Now Realized To Be True
Aman Khandelwal

“Fathers are so important” When I heard Kirron Kher utter these lines as Shahrukh Khan looked at her with waterworks about to be launched from his eyes I didn’t actually understand the emotional weight age of that line. It is only now after all these years, the importance of those lines has dawned upon me, so this is to all the fathers out here. So here’s what they used to say


1. “Padh Le Nalayak Bohot Pachtayega”
Okay, as hard as it might be to accept, that one always turns out to be true.

pad le nalayak

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2. “Sharma Ji ka Beta Dekhna Videsh Chala Jayega, Sambhal Jaa”
Is the only thing that resonates in my ears while ‘liking’  Manoj Sharma’s “Singapore Masti” pictures on Facebook.

sharma ji ka beta

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3. “Baal Katwa Le, Ye Kya Junglee Bana Hua Hai”
Looking at all those farewell pictures, now I realize that only Farhan Akhtar could have pulled off that Rockstar look.

baal katwa le

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4. “Raat Ko Akele Mat Ghooma Kar, Tum Khraab Nai Ho Zamaana Kharab Hai”
The day I got mugged.

raat ko mat ghooma kar

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5. “Bike Dhyaan Se Chalaya Kar, Hawaai Jahaj Bana Deta Hai”
And that scar under my eye keeps incessantly reminding me of that.

bike dhyaan se chalaya kar

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6. “Ye pyaar-vyaar to tumhari generation ne khel hi bana rakha hai”
I so wish I had listened to you then Dad.

pyar vyar

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7. “Beta Reel Life Aur Real Life Mai Bahut Difference Hota Hai”
When ‘the girlfriend’ got a full scholarship to Harvard and you haunted the canteen of Lovely Professional University.

reel life and real life

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8. “Paiso Ki Value Karna Tabhi Ayega Jab Khud Kamaoge”
While considering to buy that insanely expensive piece of plastic (read gadgets) and the total number of man hours that went into earning the amount that is carelessly scrolled on the little sticker below it.

paiso ki value

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9. “Mere Bina Kya Hoga Tumhara”
Every time I face distress, every time I dealt with real life problems and every time I missed you.

mere bina kya hoga tumhara

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